LG Burner Model to Recommend?

Hello To all,

I own a LG 4120 and its really and for me its a great drive with all the abuse it takes from me its still working and burning excellent dvd media. But im contemplating of buying a new burner im kinda out of the loop for several months now so i really dont know the latest model of LG burners out there. I know that LG 4163b is good but are the newer model better in terms of write quality? Write speed is not my number 1 priority but write quality.
Any help would really be appreciated. I’m also open to other drives that you could recommend. thanks to all

I would caution against LG 4165 and 4167 if you are looking for burn quality, as they appear to be inferior to 4163. 4163 is a good choice, but I would recommend BenQ 1640 as a better-quality, more versatile, newer reader and burner. Oh, and it does good quality scans with jitter measurement.

I have both drives and use 1640 almost exclusively due to higher-quality burns. 4163 is useful for quick, sub-5:20 burns on 16x -R media.


Can you describe what you mean by “inferior burn quality” with respect to the 4167?
I just purchased one, but have yet to install it on my system.

I did read through the thread related to the quality scans of the 4167, but I have no idea how to read or interpret those readings :o

I’m starting to get worried now that I may have purchased a less than stellar LG writer, even if it is the newest available.

My current writer, 4082B has been performing very well. Not a single coaster during its usage. To date I’ve burned about three to four hundred DVD-R/+R discs as well as a handful of CDs.

I have an LG GSA 4163B and it works great, the only down side to it is that it can not do quality scans. For that I use my benq 1620 awesome drive in my opinion. If I was in the market for a new drive based on the reports from all the reviews and readers in the fourm I would go with the Benq 1640.


At the moment the 4163 seems to be better than the newer models. But this could be history with every new FW

In simple terms, 4167 makes more “mistakes” when burning some media. When the disc is read or scanned, the error correction algorithm masks these defects, but this does indicate a quality problem that will eventually manifest itself through reading problems in marginal readers (such as older DVD players) or a shorter lifespan of the discs (because it takes much less deterioration for the discs to reach the point of being unreadable).

On top of that, the drive simply fails to correctly burn some types of media. We are talking a straight-out failure on top-quality TYG02 media that is otherwise a prime candidate for the “burn quality hall of fame” threads.

You might have better luck with your drive, but my experience is roughly in line with less than flattering reviews I’ve seen online. I don’t buy the line of thinking that says, “wait for better firmware” to see the full potential of the drive. If 4167 is one its third firmware, and still has these flaws, I am done with it.

Thank you for the “for idiots” explanation. I did some further research into quality readings and the types of scans that can be done to discs after authoring to learn about this subject. From this perspective, I can see that it is disappointing that the 4167, cannot match its predecessor 4163 in terms of write quality.

I have never been one to use exceptional media, as I’ve been using cheap and even cheaper media for most of my applications. The 4082B has not been very picky with media, and I’m thankful for that. But this perhaps might change for the 4167 if I decide to use high quality media :confused:

The most exceptional media that I’ve used are 4x Maxell DVD-R and the old Ritek G05 batches that were deemed “good”. I recently purchased soem Maxell 8x DVD+R to discover that they are DAXON branded discs, and I just picked up some Fuji 8X DVD-R but I have yet to ID the manufacturer.

For most other applications I’ve used BenQ 8x DVD+R, mainly for movies and DivX/XviD files which have played without a hitch on my standalone (Philips DVP642).

When I purchased the 4082B, I did not do so much research into the quality abilities of the drive. After practical usage, I was very pleased and impressed with its ability to write to all types of media, and in general, its usage which has made me believe that LG drives are all around solid performers.

My real dilemma, with the 4167B is, will I be disappointed with its performance because of the quality issue? From my past experience, I am inclined to say No because I have not had any “real life” quality issues with the discs that I’ve authored.

I guess I’m just being paranoid about the 4167B not being able to do what my 4082B can, and whether I should exchange the drive for another “solid performer” such as the 4163B or even another brand like the much applauded BenQ 1640…

Im not to sure on the Maxell but the Fuji 8x DVD-R’s; I bought the same kind from futureshop and they worked great in my benq 1620 but not so good in my GSA 4163B. they were FUJIFILM03 media code.

4163 is great and I can’t find 1640 anywhere around.

Go to bestbuy and buy 4166