LG Burner GH22LP20

Ordered LG Model GH22LP20 Burner with Lightscribe from Newegg and dumb me didn’t notice it was a special price sale -not retail.
opened the box and no Installation disk and/or manual.

I called Newegg and was told “we don’t have disks or manuals except in the retail model. If you want to send it back we’ll give you an RMA”

I have checked the net and no luck.

Do any of you guys have a disk (make a copy or a manual) I could get?




Hi jocko12 and welcome:

This LG link should get you the manual. Also, you have another 25+ minutes to [B]edit [/B]your post. Suggest you remove your e-mail address as it invites spammers.

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why not just check the manufacturer’s site? don’t they usually have manuals and drivers for their products?

Yes they do and for the disc who really wants a very crippled Nero?

[QUOTE=Dr. Who;2213632]Yes they do and for the disc who really wants a very crippled Nero?[/QUOTE]


forget the disk and get ImgBurn dude! :iagree: then congratulate yourself that you bought OEM instead of retail and saved the cash for discs. :cool:

Also look here.