LG Burner - Doesn't work!

Hi there!

Hello, a friend gave me his DVD burner.
Unfortunately any label is missing so that I can’t find out the model.

I can say only as much that it is a DVD burner of the mark LG.
If I attach it to the PC, anything is happening. The small lamp isn’t blinking, nothing! Can it be that somebody killed the burner with the attemp to flash it? Can I do something?

p.s. he bought the burner on ebay :slight_smile:

thx a lot,

lol, probably a botched flash, but it should have a label on top.

I would contact the seller and attempt to get a refund.

yea i think so too. I advised user BSK to post his problem in this forum after he posed it into the german computerbase-forum. I hope it’s possible maybe to find here some nice people to who can help take this burner back to life… haha.
Ah by the way… the lable was removed (why the hell?? :disagree: ), but he post a picture of the burner and people in the german forum think it should be a GSA-4040, GSA-4080 or also GSA-4163B

Is it possible to flash it back, and what tools should be used?

thanx @all

If he can’t get it to work with his computer, there is no way to flash the drive. So I don’t think there is anything that can be done to fix it. He says there is no light on it, which probably means it has no power. Unless he connected it wrongly, that means the drive is dead. The lack of a label seems suspicious to me, as if someone deliberately does not want the serial number of the drive to be known.

That is too many things that seem wrong with that drive. So yes, I too think he should try and get a refund for that.

I wonder why people buy this stuff off ebay … you ussually don’t save any money compared to retail, and you end up having to deal with dodgy people :confused: