LG branded DVD-R media

Has anyone used LG branded DVD-R medias? I searched all the DVD-R medias on the DVD Media Test page but found no “sold as LG” media. Does anyone know the media code for this medias? Anyone experienced with those medias?

You should have put this in the media forum

Have a look at this link

Thanks for the link and sorry for misposting :slight_smile:

I got some to test but I am not hopeful, they are DVD-RILGE04 4x -R’s. They use digitial audio cases :slight_smile: The DVD itself had some shavings stuck in them. Frankly they cost as much as the sony but the workmanship and quality looks terrible… Have to still burn it to see if they work. Waiting for something good to burn to test. Too many coasters to just do it.

Okay just burnt one and its a coaster… No scan because well the disk wont get recognized by the 812S. I was more hopefull than this.