LG bluray technology kills off dvd-ram read speed

so much for progress…:rolleyes::sad:
My beloved LG GH22NS40 dvd drive is giving me some glitches in dvd-RAM video transfer, though plays cd music and dvd videos fine. Time to get another.
LG Bluray drives give read only 2x 3x 5x CLVspeed yet my standard dvd drive gave read 5x, 12x PCAV
CD-R and DVD-R remains same speeds in specs.
I use it for reading DVD-RAM a lot, just under 1800 video transfers, but now its showing some glitches, yet plays CD and dvd fine.

Why the massive loss of speed. Kills any chance of considering bluray drive yet need one if get HD camcorder.

I need another Silent Play Technology but cant see this advertised at all with the standard drives so can’t get one of those either. Their website isnt set out to portray these features like the bluray pages.

I am gutted.:a totally stuck.

Has anyone an LG that runs silent thats still available, or knowledge of a bluray that hasnt killed off dvd-RAM speed ?


I don’t see many/any options. You may have to source a much older drive. Even the latest DVDRW drives have 5x listed as max read/write speeds on DVD-RAM.

You don’t mention which LG Blu-ray drive you have, which makes it very difficult to respond.

Certain later LG DVD writers are the only drives I know of which can read ordinary 3x or 5x speed DVD-Ram discs faster than 5x. 12x reading was only possible with discs rated for 12x writing. Many drives are even more limited and read all DVD-Ram discs at their rated write speed.

LG’s web site mentions 12x P-CAV DVD-Ram reading for the discontinued BH10LS30, but does not say if that applies to 3x & 5x discs.

For the BH16NS40 the maximum DVD-Ram read speed given is 5x. That drive does not appear to be able to write to DVD-Ram discs, which may explain the reduced read speed (cutting corners to reduce costs).

Another possible cause of the reduced reading speed is if the drive is riplocked. But this is normally invoked when CSS is detected, rather than when DVD video content is detected.