Lg blueray/hd-dvd rom install?

So are blueray (or in this case a combo blueray/hd-dvd) rom drives the same as dvd drives to install? Basically just plug it up and go? Fyi I know there may be firmware upgrades etc, but I’m just looking to get started, and maybe get a blueray from blockbuster tonight…

On a side note, I know I need player software. I’m pretty sure that the version of nero I have has it, and if not I would hope it would come with software.

Yes I have the lg combo and it works fine in my htpc computer. It comes with cyberdbs software for playback unless you buy a bare drive. Do note that it is SATA so make sure you have that interface. I have played many hd-dvd and blu-ray with mine. I liked it enough that I bought the writer version also.
PS noting your nick it works very well for ripping hd-dvd and Blu-ray using anydvd software. I have 2.7tbytes of disk in my htpc so i can protect my expensive disks.

Now hopefully one of my controlers will work with it (I know some older ones don’t get along with sata opticals).

Hi ripit, which drive are we talking about? :wink:

As wildfrog has said, yes basically the same with your other DVD burners, just plug it into your SATA port. If your Southbridge chip is Intel then there will be no problem, otherwise check back here.

I know Nero 7 and 8 can’t play all commercial Blu-ray titles especially new ones. Don’t forget to update your drive firmware and also the software (usually Cyberlink).

It did come with cyberlink software. It looks like the same disk that comes with the retail version (same image on the front of the disk and the same software listed on the front of the disk).

The drive is the lg GGC-H20LK.
The motherboard on that computer actually has 2 via controlers, a via k8t890, and a via vt8237, but unfortunatlly both are tied up with raid arrays right now. I was hoping to use this controler as I already have 2 of them.
If my memory is correct, I had a sata lg dvd burner run on it fine for a few weeks but I cannot remember for sure.

There are plenty reports that VIA chipset is troublesome for SATA burners so check it first if the drive is recognized. Then test the burst rate with CDSpeed, you should get ore than 50MB/s. Also test with a blu-ray movie if it stutters or not.

That PCI SATA card you linked above uses J-Micron JMB363 chipset, I’m not sure if it’s compatible with this drive. If its a problem I would recommend using PCI SATA card with Silicon Image chip. I’m using “SYBA SD-SATA-4P PCI SATA Controller Card” from newegg with 4 SATA ports and works great with all my SATA burners and also harddrives. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16815124020

Update your OEM Cyberlink here http://www.cyberlink.com/multi/download/patches_1_en_US.html

I’ll have to see if the jmicron one works or not and go from there. If not, I’ll probably need a pci-e sata card (its my htpc and its very short on pci slots).

So far so good. The blueray drive and a new 1TB sata hard drive are both working on the new controller. I’m not too fond of the cyberlink software so far but it will work for now. Now I just have to explore video card settings and such a little more.