LG Blu-ray Recorder BH-6900

250 AVKorea.co.kr members attended the demonstration held in Yongsan, Seoul on 21. (It’s 2 AM on 22 now.)


AVKorea office already received a sample unit. Click each thumbnail images to view larger images.

LG engineers also attended it. The feedbacks will partly be reflected on the next model. The standalone has one 160GB built-in HDD.

Nice post Kenshin! C’mon Blu-ray. :cool: :stuck_out_tongue: In addition, the one closeup of all the logos seem to indicate this thing has a built in HDTV tuner.

Cool cool.R all blu ray gona be a ram type like that though in the case?Or just that format? and since it is a ram type they should use a slot type loading style instead of that hugh tray lol.like a floppie drive or mini disc drive. they need to do something with the mini disc its such a great fromat they r even smaller than the mini blank cd they sell witch only hold 21 mins and mini disc can hold 74,and 80 min. and they even have the 1gig mini disc out now.plus they dont skip and sound great.and also it says on that disc pack only 120 min??? whats up with that a regular dvd can hold a 120 min.

120 min of HDTV content I believe.
Maybe 1080p format.

LG has also announced 71-inch PDP TV. Asking price is nearly US$80,000.

Corrected: 71, not 72. :slight_smile:

great, now I know, what I wish myself to Christmas

That TV even has gold. :slight_smile:

Yes, it is made for kings and princes. I mean, that’s LG’s marketing target for this TV.

o yeah. but what will it hold in standard format,lol???
o and that 71 incher ill take 4 and put them all together as one super screen,hahah. sike 80 geez :eek: the sony i have for 20 geez was pushin the limit of price for a tv. for 80 geez that should be a 400 inch tv,i mean people could build a whole home theater room for that. that sony i have is 61 inch and probley the best and most expensive tv that is out for purchase now. i dont think 10 more inches of LG garabage is worth 60 geez more not today not 100 years ago or a 100 years from now.i also have a 36 regular flat screen sony xbr that was only like 2500,and xbr is sonys best tvs,id rather have that over that price wise. but it is a beefy tv,i just dont like LG lol. pluss some one should tell tham that gold is out of style it needs to be white gold or platinum so its bling bling.lol

o yeah if u look close at that disc it says something by the 120m i cant see the letters then it looks like it says 125m,then 340m or 346m.does this mean the mins in a different format? anyone know

DVD recorders also allow over 120 minute recording on a standard 4.7GB DVD disc.

This thread title has “LG” in the subject and so why should someone who calls any LG product “garbage” care to click this and ask questions about HD format? Take care about your grammar first before calling these great products garbage because most people here are more interested in affordable Blu-ray recorders than proprietary English of yours.

:iagree: :bow: :bow:

You can fit up to 360min stuff on a normal SL DVD with the lowest allowed mpeg2/DVD standards - and it doesn’t look bad really…

Maxell Blu-ray 23GB disc for a little over US$15 in Japan now. If the retail one-disc package costs 17,000 Yen, it would cost under 10,000 Yen and then under 5,000 Yen when they are really mass-manufactured and mass-distributed. :slight_smile:

LG also released a DVD recorder with a built-in 160GB HDD which is also a HDTV settop box. The price seems high, over 1,500,000 Won but since it’s usually 2-3x more expensive for such high-end products in South Korea, it’s going to be more like US$600 in the US market. LG DVD recorder writes to DVD+RW, DVD-RW, and DVD-R.

really fit for the kings and queens only…i think even the prince/princess may have problems getting it…we paupers can forget about it…

They are popular among princes. I mean, they actually buy. :slight_smile:

Made for kings and princes? I hope you mean that figuratively. I have a serious aversion to bloodline monarchy, as should any decent, freedom-loving inhabitant of this planet. … Regardless of the television sets they purchase.

On the other hand, I’m personally looking forward to a blu-ray recorder. I’m going to fill terabit disks full of Jenny McCarthy and Carmen Electra pictures. Naked, of course.

No, I really meant it. Why else should a TV have gold? And what’s different from the kings waiting to buy cars that cost millions of dollars from Rolls-Royce?

Nobody likes the kings, queens, princes, and princesses. Everybody likes their money.

Fit for professional footballers more like :stuck_out_tongue:

Wonder which model Thierry Henry has…