LG Blu-ray player to offer Netflix access



I just posted the article LG Blu-ray player to offer Netflix access.

LG is putting online movies in reach of the masses with its Netflix-enabled BD300 Blu-ray player.
As well as playing Blu-ray and DVD discs, LG’s internet-enabled BD300 will also offer…

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I’m sure it’ll go over well with ISPs who have begun monitoring and limiting the massive bandwidth used by many heavy-use customers – especially for BD movies. Bad idea…


The movies that are available at Netflix for live streaming via Netflix’s “Watch Instantly” feature, are old and bad. Most of them are “B” movies, or maybe even “C” or “D” or…you get the idea.


Wonder how much the player is???


I suspect it will be Profile 2.0 player and plus this Netflix download ability, lets say around $500-600. Any takers? :smiley:


I think it’s supposed to launch around $500, but of course market conditions/competition could change that.

Now if only Netflix would enable Watch Now streaming on the PS3!


Streaming like this will only lead to ISPs getting there wish to charge bandwidth fees. So if text messaging fees are any example expect to start paying 1$+ per gig on top of access fees, that you better believe wont come down. They might be nice though and let you have a gig or 2 before you get charged extra… lol…


@ Blu-rayFreak

Netflix is going to strame via Xbox360. PS3 is rumored to be in talks with Blockbuster about a similar deal to bring Blockbuster to stream via PS3.