LG Blu-ray player not playing single layer DVD+R's

Hi, i have a problem with my LG BD660 blu ray player. The player refuses to play DVD+R discs. However it plays original DVDs and even burned DVD+R DL discs without any problem. DVD+R discs are not accepted, the player is trying to read them accompanied with some strange noise, then just spits them out. When I was randomly trying out discs two in a row where working, but after a while the player refused the same discs again. All my discs are MCC-004 with some Yuden T003’s, so it shouldn’t be a quality problem.

Do you think its a hw problem? I thought of laser calibration, but then also original DVDs and double layers wouldnt work, or?

It does sound like a problem with the blu ray player itself, since it played a couple of the single layer dvds, then refused to play them a second time. Have you tried cleaning the lens of the player?

i don’t want to dissasemble the player as it is still in warranty, so theoretically i could exchange it, and cleaning dvds would probably only worsen the issue. I bought the player used, and I have tested in with a blu ray discs only :frowning:
And i am not 100% sure the problem is with the lens, as it is reading original and dual layer discs perfectly.

It was only a faint hope of helping. Cleaning the lens is one of the few effective measures that an owner can do to help playback of burned discs in a picky stand alone player.