LG Blu-ray BH08LS20 burner slower after firmware 2.00 update



I updated my firmware on my BH08LS20 to 2.00 from 1.00, using the same verbatim discs (rated 6x) that were previously showing speeds in imgburn of 2x, 4x, 6x, and 8x and were burning (on MAX) between 4.5x and 8x on firmware 1.00. Read speed was also similar to these write speeds. After updating firmware it would lock onto 2x speed while burning (despite still showing support up to 8x for these discs) and also 2x on read. I updated the firmware from 2.00 to 2.00 speedunlocked (riplock removed) and now I got my write speed up to 4x and my read speeds are good again. Why is my write still maxing out below my previous firmware?


And is verify management off?


[QUOTE=chef;2516656]And is verify management off?[/QUOTE]

I don’t understand what this means…


There is [B]auto verify[/B] enabled with any blu-ray writer.


How do you disable it? I uncheck verify in imgburn every time…