LG Black 8X BD-R Burner WH08LS20K $129.99 at NE

Should I consider this for my first BD burner? I have Nero 8 in my Vista32 desktop.

What kind of Verb media are the throwing in?

I don’t knowa lot, but I can tell you (from research) about the lowest price this speed burner has been around is $160-$170 on sale promotion, till now. The downside some people have analyze its writing quality and had issues with it on some media, but I can’t figure if it’s just a few isolated cases or it’s something about the burner. Two people on here have said they have this burner and the pioneer burner and the pioneer has better writing quality, but the pioneer is $90 more. This is a way to unlock the rip speed to give you fast read speeds for this burner. LG has come up with a new firmware (2.0) lately, so maybe some of the quality issues, if they really are issues have been resolved. I believe this site has done a review of the retail version of this burner.

Thanks He1.

Does anyone else have an opinion on why this should/should not be my first BD burner?

Do you think Nero8 Showtime will work with it to even play back movies?

back to $180

I bought two of these at the $129 price and now need FW updates!

Any links?