Lg bh16ns55



hi i have just bought this bluray burner and when i play 2 bluray movies on it it won’t play a third one as the the computer only reads it as a cd rom drive also i have the drive region info v2.2 and it is saying that there is a aspi problem i have to restart the pc to get the bd drive back and again it just lets me play 2 movies and goes right back to showing it as a cd drive i am running windows 7 ultimate and have dvdpass key installed as i have a few region a blurays and pal bluray i want to be able to play all my movies without the limitations being used up.




Have you tried disabling Passkey for a while & seeing if that affects anything?

Do you have any other software installed which could be interfering with the optical drive?

Does anything change in Device Manager when this happens?


Does your board have 2 different type of ports controlled by 2 different drivers? how is the drive connected?