LG BH16NS50/BH16NS55, 2nd gen BH14/WH14/BH16/WH16NS40 (SVC. Code NS50, 2015+)

If someone want to try modified version of QpxTool 0.7.2, there’s a link: https://github.com/artkar0/qpxtool
In the built dir are binaries for win x64 and linux debian stretch.
This version adds possibility of scanning blu ray discs quality on LG BH16NS55 with loaded firmware dedicated for WH16NS58 (ver V5).
Also adds support for BDXL.
I also changed a bit the graph style.

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I bought yesterday LG BH16NS55.Is it possible to downgrade firmware on this type ?
I have alreday made mistake with LG BH16NS40 with no code SVC50 and I am affraid
to do this again.