LG BH16NS50/BH16NS55, 2nd gen BH14/WH14/BH16/WH16NS40 (SVC. Code NS50, 2015+)



Writer: LG BH16NS55
Firmware: 1.02
Media: Titanium DVD-R 8x Made in China
MID: (TYG02)
Burn Speed: 8x
Software: Nero 12 Ess.
Burned 2017

Not bad for a fake?


Writer: LG BH16NS55
Firmware: 1.02
Media: Extreme DVD+R 16x
Burn Speed: 16x
Software: Nero 12 Ess.
Burned 2017


Can you reupload this? I just bought this drive and I’d like to take the riplock off it…


Would like to remove riplock from mine too!


Hi, I am a newbie looking for this WH14NS40 drive with SVC code NS50 and the latest 1.02-00 firmware. Do you still have it? Other FW from LG website showed checksum error. Thanks!


You can find the 1.02-00 firmware here.


Awesome! Thank you so much, JadBurner.


Uh, I was so excited I forgot to ask, how can I update the
WH14NS40 NS50 drive with the .bin file?
LG firmware seemed to be wrapped in an .exe file for update.


There is no exe version for LG WH \ BH14NS40 \ BH16NS55 with hardware NS50 \ 55.
The only way to update is to install the bin version using the unlocked flasher LG.


For 14NS40 Exe are available




After all, this is the firmware for hardware NS40.



Thanks czary2mary1 and Tester_1!
czary2mary1 was right, those exe from LG could not be used for the NS50, they would all say firmware mismatched.
As for the LG unlocked flasher, is this the one?

I got the info from this post

Thank you again, Myce and you guys have been great!


You have with us in the post next unlocked LG flasher to hardware HLDS NS 50 \ 51 \ 55 \ 58.


Thank you, I made my BH16NS55 to a WH16NS58


There is also a problem with MBIR06, the writing-quality with 16NS40 is much better


Here is a full test of the LG-BH16NS55-VinPower-WH-16NS58 connected.



Good work, man :slight_smile:


This is our joint work of mine and @jadburner


Good work, m e n :wink:

I only wonder why some tests are made with BH16NS55-FW 1.00. Mine had 1.02 out of the box and the biggest difference I saw, compared with the 16NS40, are awful burns with MBIR06 (which is widely available here)