LG BH16NS40 Won’t Read Any Disc


Hello All:

I have an LG BH16NS40 that was working fine. I was able to make an MKV backup of my 4K Wonder Woman disc.

Now, it won’t read any pre-recorded disc (CD, DVD, Blu-Ray or 4K UHD). One additional thing, in properties, there is no DVD region selected.

I have this reoccurring problem on another computer with an LG drive as well, but it may not have a friendly drive.

My drive (from MakeMKV):
Revision 1.02
Manufacturer HL-DT-ST
Serial # ( Edit : Removed Number )
Firmware Date 2117-03-10 1637
Highest AACS version 63

Thank you for your help!


please don’t post serials!!!
Is the drive hw version 2?


Sorry, how do I determine that?


You have patched the drive before ripping that UHD disc or not?
Did you try other media types in the time between?!

Sounds weird that it would read/rip an UHD disc but not recognize other media types then…