LG BH16NS40 (SVC Code NS51)

No, already have the old 16NS40 and Pioneer BDR-209E for BDXL; but I never used it.

I was curious why this old model, which disappeared some years ago, is available again. I will test soon with MBIR06 because the old NS40 was one of the best writer with this media and the NS55 is awful with it.

But MBIR06 is out of production and sooner or later will disappear from the market.

Yep, but I still have enough of them. It looks like a stable emdia, even if the LDC/BIS are higher than CMC and some Ritek. The Pioneer don´t like it, the LG, at least the old 16NS40 is a good choice

I don’t really need a Blue-ray writer, but buying one could make things easier. The problem is that I can’t find decent media and for this I keep postponing it.

I think no new MIDs will come, if you now found nothing it will never change :wink:

I can get Verbatim media, but then again I can’t get a Blu-writer with scanning capabilities.

Yep, a LiteOn out-of-the-box with scanning capabilities is hard to get, I think the production was stopped 2013.

Only way to get a BD-scanner is to get a LG with Vinpower-FW or crossflash a BH16NS55 with Vinpower-Software for BH16NS58.

But not many ppl use it for scans, so you could only compare your burns, the LiteOn show other error-rates

Has anyone successfully flashed a BH16NS55 with Vinpower firmware?

YEp, also me

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Same here, smooth and easy operation. Vinpower firmware fixed even issues with RITEK F16 DVD+R media, no problems added.

But they forgot to fix the MBIR06-problems of the BH16NS55

Where did you find that drive?

www.mindfactory.de, also available in some other german shops. But the NS55 is more widely available

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Just to confirm, for people that are interested in getting a quality scan capable BD drive in 2020, that getting a BH16NS55 drive, and crossflashing it to a WH16NS58 drive with Vinpower firmware 1.V5 does work.
Once done you can run quality scans for BD-R (LDC/BIS) and DVD media (PIE/PIF/POF).