LG BH16NS40 read speed bug with ODC

Queer thing - when I selected the top speed in ODC with this drive, it always reads at the second-best speed, whether I’m reading SL or DL BDs, and possibly with DVDs as well. So it’ll read DL at 6x instead of 8x, and SL at 10x instead of 12x. The firmware seems to be reporting weird numbers for speeds as well (0.0, 4.8, 7.6, 9.9 and the like) probably due to an error in a byte somewhere. (I mean, I guess???)

Anyway, ODC hasn’t been updated in quite a while, so I’m assuming something happened to its creator or there hasn’t been much occasion to patch it otherwise. If that’s that case - I was wondering if the FW can be patched to fix the weird speed reporting issue. Maybe if that got fixed, ODC would work properly when used with this drive for reading?