LG BH16NS40 or Pioneer BDR-209*BK/S09XLT?



Hey, I hope you can help me out.

I want to buy a BluRay drive, primarily for ripping/archiving,
so it’s very important to me that there is no riplock in place.
I won’t burn discs for a while, but as the cost difference between readers and writers is pretty low around here, I might as well buy a writer to be able to burn BluRays then and now.

After reading a lot on the internet, it seems to come down to these drives:

  • LG BH16NS40
  • Pioneer BDR-209EBK
  • Pioneer BDR-209DBK
  • Pioneer BDR-S09XLT

The LG drive doesn’t seem to have a riplock at all,
and the Pioneer drives seem to have some kind of quiet-profile that can be turned off using some kind of utility (please correct me if I’m wrong there).

It’d be very helpful if somebody who owns one of these could verify if there’s a riplock and report the general quality and BluRay-compatibility (especially related to commercial video discs).

How big is the difference between the Pioneer drives?
People seem to say that the S09XLT has better quality (hardware-wise), but I’d prefer a “normal” front look, like the 209*BK.

All of these drives work with Linux, correct?

Which drive would you recommend buying?


I recommend you read the equivalent threads here, then all these answers should already been answered.
There is kinda NONE difference between that 3 Pioneer drives!!!

ALL MIC, just the D version is XL crippled, and the S version has the sexy front bezel!


Unfortunately not.
All I have been able to absorb during the last few days indicated that both LG and Pioneer drives seem to be popular.
Pioneer drives seem to have better burn results, at least the scans seem to look better (assuming I’m reading those correctly).

LG seems to be better with firmware updates, is that correct?

Can anyone confirm the riplock status for the Pioneer drive? Would I need some kind of utility from Pioneer to disable it, as some posts seem to be indicating?

Which one is better for [U]ripping[/U] BluRays?


They’re about equal with firmware releases. Pioneer appears slower with the firmware releases at times, but there’s not really a reason to release a lot of new firmware for drives these days. And in a way, LG almost prefers to release a new drive instead of new firmware, so there’s nothing to really be gained from that.

I would say that the normal Pioneer drives (the non-premium drives) shouldn’t be tuned to be quiet, and people use them just fine for ripping, but just to be on the safe side, the LG is known to be strong regardless.

They’re also fairly similar when it comes to burn quality, though some would prefer the LG drive over the Pioneer, or would prefer older Pioneer drives over the 209 (where the older drives seemed to nail down great quality, while the new drives are just “very good”, if that makes any sense).

You could go for whichever drive is cheapest and be fine, unless you have a specific need you’ve not yet mentioned.

Oh and yes, they should work fine with Linux. Just curious, though, as I’ve not had a look: are there any ripping tools available to rip protected BD under Linux?


Hey, thanks for the answer.
I have not really looked into native ripping tools for Linux, it was just a general idea for the future.

You are saying that the Pioneer drives are being used “just fine” for ripping.
On the other hand, I’m finding stuff like this on the internet, and it kind of leaves a bad taste of unstable ripping to me.
In general I would probably go with the Pioneer drive, but I want to make sure I won’t have any ripping problems.


Well you’ve found something that concerns you about the Pioneer, and I can’t refute that. And since there is no guaranteed way to work around it (only something that “typically” works)…

You may have made the decision for yourself to go LG. :slight_smile:


Yeah, I guess so :confused:
I’m probably going to go with the LG drive then, to be on the safe side.

If anyone has any [B]experience with ripping[/B] BluRays [B]on the Pioneer[/B] drives, feel free to [B]post here[/B] - it might not be too late, after all, as I will buy the drive in a few days :slight_smile:


The Pioneer is a great drive