LG BH16NS40 Crossflashed now its Dead



I do appreciate your help and time trying to revive the drive. Your assumption is correct, the ROM is damaged or some electrical corruption damaged the the electronics. Initially, when crosse-flashed it worked for a while, and than it stopped reading. I recrossed back to ASUS and it also worked for a while and then it stopped reading.
Cheers :slight_smile:


Hey Guys,

I had the same issues with my BH16NS40 (RoHs manufactered 2014)
I could fix it with the help of @ TwinParadox
Thanks a lot!
From this point i could install the original firmware from LG (ver. 1.03-A0)
But from now i just can read DVDs/CDs
With my second drive BH16NS55 i can open Blurays

How could this be?
Any solutions or ideas?


Sorry, misread. Hope you get this solved.


Hello @TwinParadox

Would you be able to send me another copy of this as the zippyfile has expired

Im looking to fix my BH16NS40 (SVC NS40) , I can flash firmware but it wont read so I think it may be a calibration issue?

It was flashed with the SVC NS50 firmware accidentally



You need first a valid backup firmware dump of your original unit in order to restore the calibration data.

But I’ve erased any links I had before and I don’t get new ones (I have not any BH16NS40 firmware anymore).


try this check first if its really the thing needed i dont remmember anymore bh16ns40.bin (2 MB)


You really wrecked the drive. Dead end.