LG BH14NS40 or Panasonic BDR-2208 or something else


I’m looking for my first BR burner for a dedicated media center. I’ve read up on drives and it seems the LG BH14NS40 and Panasonic BDR-2208 are good drives. I’ve looked to the drives performance in the relevant posts and they both seem to burn well.
I don’t think I’ll be doing much burning except for data backups. Mostly will use for BR/DVD/CD playback so a quiet drive would be nice (I notice the pioneer has a quiet mode).
Any suggestions on these or even other ‘currently available’ drives?


The LG BH14NS40 (and the OEM version WH14NS40) aren’t rip-locked which is useful if you have a bunch of disks you’d like to rip to hard drive storage.

In terms of quietness and burn quality, I would go with the Pioneer BDR-2208 (which is basically a retail BDR-208M drive). In my experience, after going through several generations of Pioneer and LG BluRay drives, in general Pioneer drives give better burns than LG drives.

PS. The BDR-2208 is a Pioneer drive not a Panasonic. Panasonic (aka Matshita) BD-R drives are to be avoided at all costs. They are called MatSHITa for very good reasons :Z

You mention that the BH14NS40/WH14NS40 is not rip-locked. Does anyone know if the Pioneer BDR-2208 is rip-locked?

[QUOTE=Licita;2708955]Does anyone know if the Pioneer BDR-2208 is rip-locked?[/QUOTE]

It is not rip-locked: http://club.myce.com/f87/pioneer-bdr-208-s08xlt-208d-208m-208e-u-j-xj-2208-bdr-s08-s08j-xlb-329893/index6.html#post2664067