LG BH12LS38 or Pioneer BDR-206DBK



Which do you guys consider the better writer? I’d like to purchase one of these but don’t really know. The Pioneer is slower but is it better hardware than the LG? Also do any of these still support bitsetting? But really is bitsetting still important these days? :confused:



I believe the question of bitsetting in the LG blu ray drives came up a month or two ago. I know it is possible to do this through ImgBurn and my old GGW-H20L, and someone added confirmation of this for the latest LG drives.

Bitsetting isn’t a major concern for most. Virtually all modern equipment can recognize +R disks without it and +R DL media is usually bitset automatically. If there is a modern burner that doesn’t bitset double layer disks automatically, I don’t remember it offhand.

Don’t think the Pioneers bitset single layer without modification of the firmware.

Both brands are making very good blu ray burners these days. Two Degrees did some extensive testing this summer between his LG and Pioneer drives, which led him to prefer the LG slightly. That is just one user’s results, though he is a very experienced/knowledgeable member here.