LG BH10LS38 help needed

Years have past and i’m back to this forum for some help this time about a blu ray burner.
Found from my mates a BH10LS38 but it doesn’t act normal with the available firmwares, one version will not read Audio Cdrs, the other DVD DL, pressed DVDs etc.None of the three available will read all the discs i’m throwing in it.
I don’t think the drive is dead but something must be wrong with it’s calibration.
I’m familiar with flashing so i was wondering if anyone has a firmware to send over or anything else to suggest before i scrap it


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Probably misflashed before which damaged the “core”…
What does the label say, fw, year…?

August 2011, Rom Ver 1.00.

Is there any way to recover it?

I believe you have tried these firmwares already: https://www.firmwarehq.com/LG/BH10LS38/files.html

Would be the challenge to find a “fully featured” 1.xx firmware with a core/strats.

I believe someone tried it to get it “makemkv compatible” and failed.

Nope, nothing worked
Managed to source the same drive and it seems mine is faulty


Yeah, hw errors can happen…

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