LG BH10LS30 defective? (strange CD-rip results)

I have been using a great Plexwriter (12/10/31A) to rip my CD-collection, one of the best & exact drives I can think of.

Having bought a BluRay-burning-drive LG BH10LS30, out of curiosity, I configured it on dbPoweramp CDRipper and did a test. Even from clean discs, that are in the accuraterip-database (and displayed as such in CDRipper), the BR-drive will take 3 additional “scans” PLUS an average of reripping about 50 frames per track. Just for comparison, those disc still were ripped with a single scan accurately on the Plextor drive.

Now, what does that tell me about the LG-BR-drive? Does that mean, that I have bought one, that is defective? Is if somehow “off”, de-adjusted or what could be causing such a behaviour? Or are there drives, that just have THAT bad audio-extraction qualities?

btw.: Setup discovered cacheing of 75KB, that can be cleared by the FUA command, and it discovers C2-errors. It was on firmware 1.06, and I let it update by LGs autoupdater software to 1.1 - no changes…