LG-BH10LS30 and riplock

I have used the MCSE program to create a new firmware with the increase speed set. The drive seems to take the firmware with no problems. I have this drive in an external Vantec NexStar DX USB 2.0 enclosure. I am only able to rip at a max of 3.7x or 16 Mb/sec. It seems like the drive is still riplocked. I have it plugged directly into my mac and not through a hub. it is taking over an hour to rip a blu ray movie. Is this a limitation of the USB interface or is the drive still riplocked?

Hi and Welcome!

16 MBytes/sec peak transfer rate is not what I’d consider a riplock. :slight_smile:

One possible bottleneck could be the Sata/USB converter of your enclosure.
Another one could be your computer - to save energy, many systems switch to a less powerful operation mode if there is not much load on the system.
Also, it could be the disc you are trying to read, and of course the software involved.


You should test with Nero CD Speed and make a screenshot.
How is the Burst Rate, and do you get the 3,7x speed only at the end of the disc, or earlier?