LG BH08LS20 Writing strategy CLV, Z-CLV or something else?

Hi guys,

I gust received my LG BH08LS20. I had it to replace my Pioneer BDR203 that would not burn TDK BD-RE 50 and would not read back some of the disks it has written. I first tested LG on all my burned BD and it has recognised them all from first attempt (Very nice!) I even managed to burn TDK BD-RE 50 successfully. This drive offers 2X, 4X, 6X recording speed for my TDK BD-R that my Pioneer would only write at 2X.

BUT. When I burned few TDK BD-R when I look at the disk surface it looks like it was using Z-CLV. I can see circles on the disk where supposedly drive has changed recording speed. I thought it was probably due to me over speeding disk to 4X. I have changed speed to 2X it looked a bit better but I still could see circles… For some reasons some disk it has burned will have few zones when one particular had about 7 zones! I looked at my disks written with Pioneer and they all look nice and even on the same media. My disks looks similar to the photo here but some of them have lot more zones.

I had bad experience with DVD media burned with zone they would not all drives will be able to copy disk and stuck on the speed change point.
DVDinfo pro shows media rated speed 2X and Available speed 2X CLV, 4X CLV and 6X CLV.
I could not understand why recorded disks look like Z-CLV. During the write I did not noticed drive changing speed it would accelerate in the first few minutes to 4X or 2X (Depending on chosen recording speed) and stay there during the process. Buffers do not seem to struggle.

Could you guys please examine closely what does your recorded disks surface looks like? I am just wondering could it be faulty drive or is quite normal for this model?
When I received it I have noticed some scratches on the bottom of the drive so it has probably been in another system…

Thank you

Hi Guys,

Could some one with this drive please confirm what your recorded BD-R surface look like?

I am trying to figure out if I got faulty drive.

Thanks a lot


i also have the LG BH08LS20, until now no problems with him, but i must confess i burned only one disc (Verbatim BD-R 50GB (2x,White Blue Surface) and the surface shows normal.

Thank you. I have suspected that. By the way where did you buy your Verbatim media? They are my favourite. Were they very expensive?

Hello again,

i buyed the Verbatim Disc (and the LG) from a computer-store in my hometown Hannover (Germany) they cost 12,19 Euro. At that time i don´t now, that there is this forum and the chance to import directly from Japan.

Just noticed your post, but, I have the BH08 and have about 12 TDK 50GB burns and I only see two zones. I have only watched a few of the discs but they seem to be fine - have my fingers crossed.


These zones are probably two layers and are pretty normal. I had them on my Verbatim DVD DL and BD50.

I saw similar zones on the one single layer (25 GB) BD-R I’ve burned so far with my BH08LS20, and it plays
perfectly on my Sony BDP-S550, for what it’s worth :slight_smile: