Lg bh 14ns40

I have had the LG BH 14NS40 for 3 months but now it don’t finalize the dvd or blu ray disc right. the will play back on the computer but not on the dvd player or the blu ray player. I use imgburn or nero 10 and they have worked before. is there something i can do.

Your surely used other media and other sources.

But we are no wizards!

I called LG and told them what was going on with the BH 14NS40. they said it was a firmware problem and that was covered under there warranty and they will replace it with a new one. they did not have a firmware up date as of now. I also have a BH 12LS38 for my other drive and I wish I would of bought another one for my 2nd drive. in my other computer I have 2 more lg’s that never had a problem in 2 years. I do not like the BH 14NS40 and would tell anyone to get the BH 12LS38 instead.