LG beats other burners hands down

Guys and gals, I gotta say that I been impressed with my LG since I got it in Feb 2005 based on the reviews in this site. I have been burning mostly cheaper YUDEN000T02 verbatim pastels with it, which I have been getting for $0.82 here in singapore, which is probably $0.50 US. But recently I got bored of giving people episodes on DVD which they watch once then throw away. Why give these on expensive media… So I went and bought a spindle of AN32 media… OMG what a shock!!!

So for the benefit of you CD Freaks out there, I thought I’d show some scans burned by several different burners of this (thouroughly unimpressive) :Z media. (this is in the :bow: LG forum for a good reason :bow: :bow: )

We’ll start with a scan of a Yuden000T02 burned by the LG 4163b @ 8x @ A103

Then there are 5 AN32 burns:-

  1. burned by Pioneer A07XL @ 8x (Hacked Firmware) burn failed at 15% no scan
  2. burned by Pioneer 106 @ 4x burn completed but scan failed half way
  3. burned by Pioneer 108 @ 2x qual 15% huge (near 2000) PIE PIF and POF
  4. burned by BenQ 1620 @ 4x qual 25% huge (near 2000) PIE PIF and POF
  5. burned by LG4163b @ 4x qual 79% large (near 500) PIE and no POF

The LG was the only burner to have a reasonabe quality level and no POF errors. The PIE errors still maxed out at 500, though…

Seriously crappy media, I would only give it away, but it sure shows the colours of the different DVD burners. The LG killed all the other burners.

Well, maybe Verbatim Pastels are cheaper in your country (lucky guy), but they are almost the best DVD media available. :bow:

I agree on AN32, they are crap :Z, though better than AN31 :Z :Z and AN30 :Z :Z :Z.
Maybe a NEC could do a better job that some of the burners you used. :wink:

Oh, and nice comparison, BTW. :smiley:

Regards, :slight_smile:


by cheaper I mean cheaper than the Fuji $1.30 T02’s

strange though, these verbatims all have 4X written on the cakebox, but all the 50 disk spindles I got were 8X… Then they all sold out and I moved onto the 25-packs. These 25 packs were always a mixture of T02’s and T01’s… Now all the 25-Packs have sold out as well… and we are now getting (at the same cheap price :bow:) TYG01’s, nice change to have a few - media. My xbox certainly prefers - but was also quite happy with the Yuden T02 +'s as long as they were bitset to DVD-ROM, wouldn’t touch them otherwise.

BTW I’m just doing a burn with a Pioneer 107 to that nice AN32 stuff… will post when its done.

Om the Pioneer 107 better use the factory firmware… the hacked one is not suitable for such crap media

Hmmm, if you need cheap giveaway media, you should be using Princo. It is extremely cheap, 40 cents australian each, or maybe 30 cents US.

That actually burns correctly the vast majority of the time, and works on the vast majority of devices. It might not last for a long time, but thats the tradeoff for getting such low cost disks that will actually burn correctly.

Nice comparison although not complete without NEC and Plextor. :stuck_out_tongue: Oh btw since you were burning crap media, you need to burn at least 2 or 3 disk in each burner than compare afterwards… Maybe the A07XL, 106, 108 and 1620 got the crappiest AN32. :wink:

Another victory for the Nec 2500, which always seems to do the best job on cheap media. Mind you, I own an LG4163, which in my opinion does the best job of all my burners on high quality media. But for burning cheap 4x media (AN32, MUST001, MEDIAID001, etc), nothing comes close to the Nec 2500.

WTF … 67000 PIE and 4100 PIF with a huge PIF peak (broad and max = 10) at the end when burning YUDEN000T02 at rated speed ? That disc is a coaster to me (chances for PIF > 4 on 1ECC are pretty good on this one) and would make its way directly into the trash can.

I’m glad to know that my 4163B can do better than that … :iagree: :bigsmile: