LG BE14NU40 #2 Bites The Dust



Bought new in January, died in May, LG was on it and replaced it right away, I think I was only w/o about a week. 7/3 #2 dies. Both time, same issue. Using ImgBurn and durning 49.5GB of data on a Verbatim Dbl layer 6x BD-R buring at 4x, get a random read error and says it stops. Boom, no longer can read BD-R in the drive. Can play DVD’s and CD’s but IMG_Burn says no disc drawer is closed. I dont have a real Blu-Ray movie to check, but it can’t read previously burned BD-R’s. Getting a bit of a runaround this time around from LG, and it seems the unit itself is getting phased out at some of the known retailers, Amazon has it. And, before I printed the log I updated IMGburn, it said logs would remain, well, they didn’t, Well, kind of, they were saved from prior to 2/26/16 for some odd random reason. I din’t see anything about this on the forums, been looking for about four days. Anyone experience this issue, or any ideas? Also checked with Cyberlink 15, Ashampoo15, and Nero 15 none detect the blank BD-R and checkeda single layer as well as a chead 50GB BD-R PlexDisc, zilch, nada, zip, nothing.


I have not a had a similar experience, however if you can test a commercial Blu-ray that would be helpful. Otherwise it sounds like it’s time for a completely different drive.


LG is replacing the drive and they have even shipped it before my old drive has arrived, although is en route and verified by UPS tracking. That’s some customer service, surprised me even. I hope they run some testing on the one that dies as I would like to know what occurred. But, nonetheless, I certainly hope this one lasts. I ran DISM which found dome files it couldn’t repair, need to run it again after the cumulative win10 install yesterday. Will report back on this, the Boss just called, if you know what I mean.