LG BE08LU20 problem with BD-RE discs

I have a LG BE08LU20 drive and i have been trying to burn some BD-RE DL discs lately. I have purchased 3 Sony BD-RE DL 50GB and 2 Verbatim BD-RE DL 50Gb discs. The problem is my drive wont format the discs. I have been successful with only 1 of the sony discs. (which didnt require formatting the first time, i could start burning instantly.) The LG drive is not old i purchased it a month ago and i have had no troubles burning bd-r disc since then. The sony and verbatim discs are also new. And the firmware of the LG drive is the latest i could find which is 2.00.
With the help of LIGHTINING UK @ IMGBURN forums i figured the MIDs for those disc may not be supported by the firmware. I tried to check that with MCSE software but it says it doesnt support media code list for this firmware.
What are my options here? is there a way to edit the media codes or is there an alternative firmware that i can use which supports those discs?