Lg bd370



Hi everybody,
I need help, because make upgrade firware of Bd, and now didn`t saw DVD

What Bd in?
Somebody have new versiion?
Or OLD H51000?
Can look firware H51203?


Ah, guys!
I want help!!!
Look my firmware!!!


Try the latest firmware. Which is Firmware update for BD370 (Ver:BD.8.08.032.B/Date:2011.09.05)
From here : http://www.lg.com/us/support/product/support-product-profile.jsp?customerModelCode=BD370&initialTab=drivers&targetPage=support-product-profile

Recently updated my BD390 an all is well with latest Blurays and DVDs. :smiley:


Thanks Thunderbolt69, but it USA firmware, I have Eur/Japan BD 360/370/390 (390 have the same optical drive!)
May somebody have or look my firmware for drive???
I didn`t know version, but think the same for PC! And may be some drive the same firmware!


You need to ask LG then, not us.


LG didn`t give firware for BD only!!!
I found it forum!!!