LG and OS ME I need help



I tried to update my cd rom drivers (lg gcr-8523b)and when the computer rebooted at the end, the whole drive was gone. I cannot locate it. It is not listed in my device manager or any other place I know to look. I do not know what to do.



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When you say “cd rom drivers”, do you mean new “firmware” for your drive (as in downloaded from LG)?


yes. I tried to upgrade from 1.01 to a higher version but the whole thing diappeared.


Does the drive’s LED still come on when you start the PC and can you open the tray by pressing the eject button?


nothing happens with the drive itself, no lights and the drawer will not open.


Hmm… that’s not good. It looks like something went wrong with the firmware flash and I’m not sure if this can be undone. It’s probably not showing in the BIOS either? Make sure the power and data cable connections at the back of the drive are secure.

You can check the FAQ in the LG Burner section and use Search on how to recover from a bad flash with an LG CD burner - or wait for someone who has tried this before to read this maybe. Unfortunately, I think your chances are slim as I know LG DVD burners can’t be recovered.

Sorry I can’t give you any better news. Did you get the firmware from lgservice.com? I see the latest is 104 and there’s two downloads, one for Win 98/ME and the other for 2000/XP.