LG – GSA-4163B Read Problem

I recently was sent an LG – GSA-4163B by a friend as a gift, but I seem to be having only issues with the drive. First thing I did when I recived the drive was to install it alone on the secondary IDE channel and update the BIOS to A105. The flash said it was a success so I reset and trialed the drive. I ran a Voyager DVD for about 20 minutes using WinDVD 6, but at about the 20 minute mark the episode froze, then stuttered, then started from the start again only to freeze and hang completely. I tried the disc in my home theater DVD player, it worked fine, I tested it in several other players and it worked fine in all. So I grabbed several other discs and tried playing them in the LG drive again, and all of them freeze after playing for a short time. I tried reflashing the BIOS in case something had gone wrong there, to no effect. Some pure data discs also seem to have problems in the drive, I’m able to read the files and directories but if I try to run things off the disc or copy large files I get errors.

I’m at a loss as to what I should try next, I can’t even send the drive back to the purchase store since my friend lives two states away and I think I’d have to really battle to get it swapped since there is no receipt, the guy who bought the drive for me didn’t keep it after he tested the drive and sent it. He tested it as far as making sure it was detected properly and would play a DVD and burn. Well it does seem to work in windows fine, the DVD he burned with it works and can be read in many DVD drives, and it does play DVD’s for all of 10-20 minutes, but I don’t think it’s meant to do that lol.

Nothing in the other threads on this seemed to help, anyone else have any ideas?