LG 8x DVD+R?

Could somebody shed light on these:


Never seen LG DVD before!

The picture given does not show the cake boxes properly so it is a bit difficult to tell. LG discs have various media codes. Some have LG’s own media codes, some Prodisc’s and even Infodisc’s in some cases. Quality varies accordingly.

The ones shown look like the packaging is similar to the 25 pcs cake box I have, which would make them SONYD11. If they are, then these are quite decent, depending on your burner. However, I can’t be sure, because it is hard to see the packaging of the cake boxes from the picture given.Those are 10pc cake boxes, whereas mine is a 25pc cake box.

Like Karangguni said, LG use alot of different discs. Some are LG’s own MID such as LGE04 and LGE08 (both - discs) and these burn good on an LG burner. They have also used Infodisc and these are also ok quality. I believe now LG are getting their discs also from China, infact the latest LG 8x DVD-R discs, which were previously made in Korea Infodics are now Made in China. I don’t know who made them or what MID they have (most likely LGE08).
So some LG stuff is good, some I don’t know about.