LG 8520 firmware 1.04: changes?

I just bought a new one. What are the changes of this firmware?
According to the text there should only this drive been attached as master, but I have also the LG 8160 dvdrom as slave on the same cable. Is that a problem?

Subject : New firmware Ver 1.04 for GCE-8520B - Click here for instructions
Product : CD-RW
O/S : Windows 2000
Windows 98
Windows XP
Windows ME

File Name : GCE-8520B104(EW).zip

[b]New firmware Ver 1.04 for GCE-8520B

Improvement Point: Enhanced recording speed of some CD-R media.[/b]

BTW if you have winrar installed, right click on the flash program and extract to /filename. you’re left with the flasher, the hex file (firmware), and MTK drivers. You should be able to flash the hex file using MTKWinFlash