LG 8481b problem

I’ve just installed my new lg 8418b but i have some problem:

first disc I burned was quite ok: at about 50m of disc the recording speed dropped at 16x (before was ok… CAV increasing).

when i burned the second disc: same speed drop but to 32x speed.

Both disc have some c2 errors at start and at end.

Then I have tried to burn some other disc but EVERY disc (tried 3 different brand each certified at least 40x) is burned at 16x with a long lead-in time and a VERY long lead-out time. And (the worst thing) th cd is a coaster.

I’ve tried with nero 5.5.9.x and then i’ve upgraded to latest, and also with latest Alcohol.

The firmware is 1.02.

OS Windows XP sp1

Thanks for your support and sorry for my bad english

Update to the 1.03 version: http://www.lge.co.kr/open_data/GCE-8481B103(KW).zip

And always use good media because LG burners are a little picky.

Thanks for your reply.

i’ve already tried to upgrade to 1.03 but nothing.

i’ve used 3 different brand of cd: Verbatim, TDK and Princo, and i’ts always the same. I think tomorrow i’ll bring back my recorder to shop. I hope they change it immediately

It can be a defective drive :frowning:

sounds like a defect to me, i just purchased my 8481b and flashed 1.03 on it… so far no problemo :slight_smile:

try to defrag your h.d that worked for me.