LG 8481B Burning speeds PLEASE HELP!

Having just bought the 48X cd-rw i wasn’t to chuffed when it took as long as my 8160 to copy a cd. Iv since been around this forum and got myself a bit of knowledge.

So i got nero cd speed to see what was happening, at the start it burns the cd at 21X then this drops (after the lead in is created i think) to 16X til the end. i look in the manual and 16 is the ony speed without PCAV or CAV. im using memorex cds which say 48x on em, and nero speed cd detects them as CMC Magnetics (which i found in the manual as a recommended make).

Any help is very welcome,
Many thanks in advance

sir westE

oh iv tryed it with a mirror media cd as well- same prob. nero speed identified this cd as Ritek

my puter is:
900 duron
256Mb SD
win 2000

thanks again