Lg 8400b

I just bought the LG 8400B and have never had such a headache. After a major nightmare with aspi drivers i’ve finally got that sorted out. Now with Easy CD creator i get an illegal operation everytime i try to write. I can manage to write with CDRWIN but it hangs during the lead-out track(althou the disks do seem to work). Is there some conflict that would cause ECDC to do this? I’ve reinstalled like 10 times with no results and it is currently the only writer software installed. I could also try nero again but i think that was how the aspi drivers got screwed up in the 1st place.
BTW I’m running win98 and the drive firmware is 1.02.
Any help would be greatly appreciated as i am seriously considering going back to the old 2x HP burner i’ve got.

What version of EZCD and Windows are you using? There are some versions of EZCD 5 that are known for conflicting with other software etc etc!

it is the bundled version of EZCD 5.1 and windows 98se