Lg 8400b Burning Problems

Has anyone encountered burning problems with the LG 8400B CD-RW? It’s the 40x one and the problems im having is burning audio cds and vcds.
For some reason, no cd player will play any audio cds ive burned with this burner. I have tried different medias and different software to burn the audio cds but the cd players wont recognize the cds. Very little do and it usually skips and/or has a lot of static. It’s strange. I have also burned at different speeds…

With vcds, same problem. No vcds will play on my dvd player or anyone else’s dvd player. However I can play it on my computer and i can view the files on my computer, so i know it got burned.
Same with audio cds, i can play them on my computer…

Can someone please try to help cause I think I’ve ran out of ideas.

Hi and welcome aboard!

There are two things you can easily try:

  1. update your firmware (go here for firmwares)
  2. change the burning speed (some players respond better to discs written at slower speeds; experiment some)

PS I moved this thread to the burning hardware forum, as it belongs there :wink: