LG 8320b Firmware info needed

My lite-on 1620b recently died after burning about 200CDs in 2 weeks and 1 exploding inside the drive (guess it was chipped…dunno), so I got a new LG 8320b.
Well this burner has a Firmware review 1.01

I found a Firmware 1.04 thanx to people talking around here and some search, yet I see it has no text.

Anyone knows, what this new firmware improoves/fixes/f*cks ??

I’d appreciate any info about it, before installing. Thnx!

well i dont have that drive but in general upgrading to newest firmware is best, becuase it probably fixes bugs in drive etc… and makes it more compatible with tha newest cd-r’s out there :slight_smile:

but when it comes to copying game cd’s u gotta watch it. but in general it is best to update to newest firmware but i warn u that if it has a bad flash (i.e. power goes out while flashing drive) your drive might be permanently messed up :frowning:

but odds are someone can help u on here if it does mess up :slight_smile:

WTF are you talking about??

I saw more But 's there thatn in a rap video :cool:


Well, I’ve got no clue about what it fixes, since I upgraded the firmware before my first burn, but I use it and it works great…

If the power goes out (it once did while upgrading my 16x one), the flashing program for those has a “blind-flash” mode that works if you use the appropriate switch for the IDE spot that the drive is in. At least it worked once for me…


Check that and have fun!