LG 8320B.. & DVD-ROM Problems

I purchased a LG 8320B CD-RW, and hooked it up with my Pioneer 106s DVD-Rom. I have it configured as follows:

LG 8320B Secondary master
Pioneer 106S Secondary Slave.

The busy light is on all the time on the Pioneer, and it does not show up in the BIOS. (The lg does) I have tried different cables, and am sure they are all correct. Bit of a newbie to all this so any help appreciated.:confused:

I know that you said that your cables are correct but it really does sound like the cable on the dvd-rom drive is backwards.

If you already had your dvd did you change the jumper to slave on it ?

Tried everything, every jumper setting and cable combination. Made the DVD master, and the CD-RW slave. Same thing busy light stays on, not recognized in BIOS. I guess it’s deffective. any other ideas. Thanks for your help. :confused:

does the IDE speed matter? or is there only 1 speed of cable? i’d suggest trying to start up with ONLY the dvd connected.

Thanks, but been there done that. It has to be problem with the DVD player. I’ve done everything. Thanks any way.

Took my Pioneer 106S back to vendor, he quickly hooked it up, and guess what… dead as a door nail! Well, at least I’m getting another one. Thanks again for all your help.:cool: