LG 8320B and laserlock

I have a LG 8320B CD-RW but I can’t get it to burn copies of Laserlock protected CD’s. It should be able to according to this review.
It takes several hours for the 8320B to chew its way through the unreadable sectors and the result is always an unreadable CD. I found several sources describing the right settings for CloneCD and laserlock so I’m pretty convinced that that’s ok. Here are the settings anyhow (CloneCD 4):

[CloneCD ReadPrefs]
[CloneCD WritePrefs]

I also tried with subchannel data on but it doesn’t change the result. As a result I think this problem might be hardware related. The unit is connected as master to the secondary IDE port with another (Kenwood) CD-player connected to it as a slave. Any known DMA-issues?
I would be very happy with a solution as this is really pissing me of! :frowning: Thanx ahead!


I’m afraind that there is no answer to your problem.
Lg’s just can’t deal with laserlock,I don’t know why but that’s just the way it is…
I’m still working on this problem and you be the first to know,if I come up with something new.
For the time beaing the only thing you can do about it is to buy something better then LG.

You’re answer isn’t very encouraging but I’m not giving up yet, as the review mentioned in my earlier post states that Laserlock was no problem. I have this gutt-feeling that we’re simply overlooking something… I noticed for example that the unit is not using DMA (I ‘told’ XP to use it if possible) but PIO-mode instead. It wouldn’t be the first time that some silly thing like that causes problems. I’ll keep you informed too when I come across a solution :confused:

I actually had success copying laserlock with the 8320b, using the Laserlock profile found in the CloneCD forum here @ CDFreaks.
Mine runs at MWDMA-2, and not PIO, so it could be the matter. Try reverting back to the original IDE-Busmaster drivers if you have installed the one by your chipset manufacturer, or installing them if you haven’t.