LG 7900 copying divx from HDD to DVD problem

Hi ! The problem is as follows:
LG 7900 Recorder, some divx films copied from several CDs to HDD.
Now, I would like to copy divx films from HDD to DVD to integrate and minimize number of removable media. Unfortunately I can copy these films to the other folder in HDD ONLY.

The manual in page 39 says:

"5. You can select a album (folder) to copy.

  1. After selecting a media then press ENTER. The album (folder) list appears."

Who can answer me HOW SELECT A MEDIA ???

I can’t answer your specific question, but if all you want to do is copy divx files from CD to DVD, why not use your PC to do this?

The answer is very quick. I have not DVD recorder in my computer :-)))

I see; sorry - I thought you did to make the CDs.

How much is a basic DVD writer in Poland? It would make your life soooo much easier, if you can’t find an answer to the LG problem.

Hi, imkidd57! Thank you for your advice. It is not problem of money :-)) DVD writers in Poland are rather cheap now. I have LG 7900 recorder near 1 month and I simply would like to test all the possibilities described in its manual :-)))

Hey I have exactly the same problem I copied a holiday digital video direct from my camera to my LG DVD HDD and then accidently wiped the mini DVD I now find I cannot get the video which for some reason is now a Divx file either onto a dvd or to the hard disk to edit and/or add to the rest of my holiday video. Did you get an answer to your problem?

Iam facing the same problem. I have recorded some programs from TV to HDD of LG which are stored in DIVx Format and now iwant to burn a DVD. Which I cannot. I have the same problem with the Techi of LG Showroom he could not help any more. Still i have many programs which are recorded as DIVX cannot be moved to accessed the HDD by any means.

This is a big Problem should be escalated to the LG company. There is no interface to access the HDD to delete or Copy thru our laptop /PC to any other media.