LG 62N vs 203B

This is not an indication of what to buy just some tests. Same media burned different times could give different results. Please post only if it’s needed so it would be easier for everyone to see the results. Thanks. :clap:

I will use TY, Maxell and Verbatim. Those maybe the best media. With worse media any drive can give questionable results.

Verbatim +R.
Burned 18x. Scanned 8x.

Same media burned @12x. Scanned 8x. Note that very fast time at LG.

sverkalo, got any CD-R burn comparisons for these two drives?

This is just a suggestion:

Instead of putting meaningless data on your discs how about using the same video .iso for all as we usually don’t burn meaningless data.

ImgBurn works great.


I will don’t worry. Be patient because at Monday I have o deliver my 1st TV show for the new season. But I will not abandon this test, even if I have to take 2-3 days for the editing. Maybe I could post in between just for relaxing from the editing tension (12-14 days per day).

I though of this. I might do create an .iso from DVD and go on from there. Then drop me your mails and I will deliver them… :slight_smile: :wink: :flower:


I think it’s more appropriate to finish MCC how it was started.

This will be a very interesting thread. Both writers are very good. Yes one is an 18X burner but is very fast and accurate!

This is your thread do as you wish :flower:

Same media 8x.

I burned an image of Crash (excellent film for me) with Imgburn at the one of my 2 500WD SATA 2 which I have to backup my videos. I defragment it and I will burn from there. I will only post the results from CD/DVD scan as it will take less space here. I will do 18,12,8 burning for each media left.

Kind of weird as i remember member Kenshin saying one day LG and Samsung would be kings and look at it now :bigsmile:

I respect Kenshin. He has advised me wise at the past.

I think Lead In time takes too long with Imgburn. And while I am requesting 18x it doesn’t go more than 12x.

I will try to burn the image wih CD/DVD.


I will do it finally as I use to work on my own everyday for professional DVDs.
I will use CopyToDVD to burn the TS_FOLDERS - not the image. This will be actuall what I am doing for my own work and closer to “reality”.

I like the 12x time. I can’t wait to see how your white TY burn at 12x.

OT: May I ask what is the name of your TV show?

Burned with Copy to DVD @18x from a TS_FOLDER.
1st burn with 203B in 5.14’’. 2nd burn with 62N in 5.20’’.

CopyToDVD @12x. TS_FOLDER.
1st burn LG 62N in 5.50!!! :eek:
2nd burn 203B in 7.23.

1st burn with 62N at 8x in 7.43.
2nd burn with 203B at 8x in 8.11.

Till know I can say that MCC004 (Verbatim +R) and YUDEN000 T03 (Blue Discs at this point +R) are safe burns for both drives in “real” situtations and at 18x/12x/8x speeds. I can see a slight edge for LG but nothing too special to mention. I will continue soon.