Lg-5163d winXP see as a cd-drive


When I connect this external drive, Explorer see this drive as a cd-drive.

In device manager under DVD/CD-ROM drives, I see the name correctly.

How to fix-it?

Any Idea?

Thank you

This is a long standing problem with Windows you can ignore. Only worry if there is a real problem reading or writing.

I made a image file from my c drive for safety purpose. This file is 2.5g big but I cannot copy it.

This is really a pin in the …

You need to provide more info if you are to get help. What software are you using to copy to your burner? Have you burned anything to it yet sucessfully? What type of media do you have?

Well, I just re-installing window XP professional and I haven’t try to use another software to burn it.

Previously, I was able to burn movie, music or anything else of this type using DVD Srink, DVDFAB and Nero.

But for a simple data file as this ‘Bakup’ file…

Are you saying that you try to copy the file without using software? Windows does not support that, only cd burning is built into the OS.
Just guessing what you are trying to do… Otherwise, try to be more specific about your problem.