LG 5163D problem or Software problem? Help!




I have bought my first DVD writter, it is the LG 5163D external.

I’m using the bundle Nero Express to burn my first data file on a DVD+RW(4x). But when it reaches 36%, the burning stop progressing. No error is indicated on the Nero Express. I’ve waited for 30 minutes and the progress stops at 36%

The connection is via firewire and the OS I’m using is Winxp pro.

Please help.


Have you tried just letting it run maybe just the indication bar has froze and not the actual progress…
Then again 30 mins is a long time…


I manged to solved the problem. It is due to Software, and most probally it is the winxp problem (winxp pro sp1). When I have tested on another system, it is working ok. :slight_smile: