LG 5120D Firmware A112

Anybody help have upgraded firmware from a104 to unofficial a112 and know max speed is 4x where as it used to be 8x prior.
Burning dvd-r seems to be more reliable so i can probably live with it until LG release a greater firmware or an improved unofficial becomes available.

However i would like to know if i can do anything to improve speed

Also can the firmware be reset back to factory default or not


Nick :wink:

  1. Overspeed writing: no.

  2. Factory default: yes, if you have the right flasher and firmware.

I upgraded 5120D with 4120B’s FW-A112 adapted by TDB.
I found no speed problems burning, as usual, my favorites media RICOHJPNR02 8x@ 12x :smiley:

Howevewer, You always can Flash your 5120D back to A104.