LG 4480B always drops back to 16x

Written by prophet,

“-I bought one on Friday… whole weekend tried to burn faster than 32x on any media - TY, Prodisc, Ritek, Verbatim (all 48x certified and succesfully burned on Liteon 48246)… most of medias fell back to 16x CLV, TY burned 32x PCAV… otherwise drive works fine (reading DVDs, reading/writing CDRWs). Burned CD quality is good, no C2 errors and <10 C1 errors.
-When I start CD burning, the drive spins for 10-15 sec (making media calibration I think) and then the burning speed falls.
-started writing at 20x, rised to 39.7x, at 75% dropped to 32x, 24x and finally 16x”

I am having the exact same problem with this thing always dropping back to 16x during burns…
Think its definetly a defective drive? I mean the new one you exchanged for doesn’t ever do this anymore? prophet?

Thing with mine is that when i first got it my first say… 5 burns… worked at 40-48x but since then if i set anything higher then 24x it will always drop back down to 16x during the burn. 24x will do 24x…

think i should have it RMA’d?
Anyone else have problems like this with speed dropping and then staying constant at the lower speed for the rest of the burn? is this what happens with media that can’t take it? or a faulty drive as was the case with prophet?

thanx for help