LG 4183B problem

I have a pretty strange problem.
My old configuration was a Compaq 16x DVD-ROM a with a Toshiba CDRW. All was fine untill my 2 year old decided to check if the CDRW comes out. Well, it did :sad:
So as a replacemnet I purchased the LG GSA-4163B. I have installed it in the same configuration as I had the CDRW (i.e. DVD-ROM as master and DVD-RW as slave). The system recognized both drives, the bios showed the right models and Windows XP presented the drive letters. However, now both drives refused to read CDs and DVDs.
I switched the setup and set the DVD_RW as Master and the DVD-ROM as slave. Same results.
I have decided to check the LG as stand alone, set it as MAster and disconnected the DVD_ROM. Now the DVD_RW could read the CD thta was inside when booted. When I changed to another CD, it did not recognized it. I rput the first CD back, and the burner still could not read it.
Next step was to upgrade the firmware to A105. This helped as now the DVD-RW could read the CDs and I even burned one CDR.
Connecting the DVD-ROM back as slave, returned me to square 1 - both drives cannot read CDs or DVDs…
I disconnected the DVD-ROM, rebooted and the burner was up and running (actually playing Led Zeppelin…). Now this was yesterday night.
I returned from work today and again the burner cannot read CDs (double click in “my computer” will open the drive window and will show 0 objects)…

check both DVDs for jumpering SLAVE/MASTER and then connect them
starting with the LG as master and alone
there are many reports here that the LG 4163B hates other cd on hs IDE :slight_smile:

I’d try as last thing to reset the bios (through reset jumper or remove and place Bios’s battery)

Thaks. However, as I mentioned the burner is all alone on the secondary IDE and still behaves badly.
I will try the bios reset but I think this is not there, the drive works after reboot, and stops after a while. So, my concern is that the bios reset will temporaraly fix the problem till the next failure.

Could it be your power supply the LG 4163b will draw a lot more amps than your old CDRW drive and if your PSU isnt up to scratch or powerful enough you will experince problems like this. Also who makes your PSU and how many watt is it. If your computer is 2 years old i dont expect it to have a powerful PSU, compaq seem to use pretty low watt PSU’s my mates Compaq had a 145Watt PSU for a PIII - 700 MHZ computer which is awfully low, though most stuff was integrated onto the board e.g. Graphics / Sound but expansions would cause problems with such a low PSU, im suprised he was able to add a CDR drive to his computer without problems. (TDK 32x writer)

Try disconnecting one of your drives and see if everything works ok then. Also i would recommend researching about new PSU’s for compaq computers as im unsure if they use a properietry design like dell or not. If it is proprietry then pluggin a new PSU in will most likely fry your motherboard, if it isnt then their should be no problems.