Lg 4167b Problems

I have a system running xp pro with an asus A8N32 SLI Athlon 64 4000. I installed a new LG 4167B drive and this stopped working after about a week. This will spin up but will not spin down. I have used nero to check the drive speeds on spinup and spindown and these read 2.00 and 1.7 seconds respectively. However if i access the drive for some info the disk takes a while to open and does not spindown any time soon. The firmware has been updated successfully to version D13 but this failed to resolve this problem. Is there anything i can do to resolve this problem. As stated nero gives the correct speed results and it sounds nice and quiet but in actual operation the drive goes on for ever and ever. The media types have all been changed both on dvd and cd to no avail. Please help me someone as i do not want to have to spend even more money on a new drive . Thanks for reading this mail and i look forward to reading any replies that arrive.

Could you be more specific, please. There are DL13 and DJ13 versions of 4167 firmware. Which did you use?

I believe the version installed is DL13 can you please tell me how i reconfirm this?

I have now confirmed that the version is indeed DL13 taken from the LG site.

Maybe is not related with your problem, but have you checked cables and jumpers?

The new computer i have has two s-ata drives installed. Should the two LG drives which i have (GSA 4167B and GDR8164B) be on seperate ide connectors ie one on primary and one on secondry. Primary being master secondry being slave or will both work ok on the primary ide with the GSA 4167B as the master? I know a lot will say dum question but i thought i would ask to clear question in my head which is rattling around.

The ide cables have been change with no difference noted and the jumpers on the drives (hope thats the ones you meant) are not conflicting.

If you can, the best option is to put each drive as master in separate IDE channel. But I don’t think that this can cause your problem.

Anyway you can do a test to see if this solve.

ok i will test that theory bb soon

I have tested the drives on two seperate cables and both set to master with no bennefit the results are the same the drive refuses to spindown.

What IDE drivers do you have? Maybe nvidia ones can cause your problem.

Moreover, do you have latest bios installed on your mainboard? Check on asus website if there are similar problems with this mobo

Bios is upto date at 1103 for the ASUS A8N32 and the drivers for the drives have been installed by windows itself not from LG as i did not see any there.

To exclude a damaged drive, can you try to install it on a different computer?

I have tried the drive in my second computer and the drive will come to a silent purr 70 seconds after last accessed.

I’m sorry, I can’t figure what can be the cause of your problem :frowning:

well if you give up now i have no hope of ever getting to the bottom of this one. Is it possibly bios related in the settings themselves.

the drivers for the drive are listed in device manager as 5.1.2535.0 dated 01/07/2001 is there newer drivers out there?

If you must go i thank you for your help in this matter and hopefully a solution will become apparant in the fullness of time.

I’ll remain here, but right now I don’t know what other suggestions give.

As stated thanks for your help so far i’m sure you are as interested as me to find the solution.