LG 4167B Problem



So here my problem. I purchased a new LG 4167B a month ago, have had the LG 4040B since 2+ years ago. Have been doing all the testing with silver Ritek G05 disks (they have been very very good to me in 2 years).

I updated the firmware on the 4167B to DL13 (4040B is the latest as well). I burned with just 4167B at 8x, burned successfully. When playing in one of my home dvd players though, it would skip at some parts (annoying), but not when playing in the other.

So I started burning at 4x. Everything burned fine, but when I burn it in 4x, the 4040B (as well as my friend’s I believe LG 4060B) cannot read the disk, or do it very slowly and then fail half way. The 4167B can still read the disk very fast, and both of my DVD Players play the movie without any skipping.

How could this be?


You should probabaly read one of the many threads on this board about how BAD RitekG05 media is.


Hmm, well I haven’t noriced the quality of the disks deteriorating yet, but thanks for the heads up. So what should I use? TY (TYG02 or TYG03?) or maybe try Ritek 16x (RITEKF1 I believe)?


Just stay away from ritek (their cds are pretty good though). Taiyo Yuden 8x/16x or Verbatim 16x (not 8x as they use ritek now) are very good.